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Kulinary Kay is a full-service food haven offering catering services, private events, recipes, and more. We specialize in brunch, southern-style comfort food, and Caribbean cuisine with our own unique twist. Servicing the East/ Central Orlando area, we also offer our online services to our customers across the globe. Our recipes are easy to follow and will blow your mind with their individual flavors. We focus on quality and flavor to offer your taste buds the mouthwatering sensation they're seeking. We bring our expertise to your home or event, giving you the freedom to enjoy top-quality meals without making an effort. Contact us to see what we’ve got to offer.


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That food was bussing. I'm glad I put my boy on who got his food after me. A queen amongst peasants

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Since 2019, we’ve aspired to always deliver a truly unique and memorable experience from start to finish. We believe that catering and food service is more than just food on a plate; it’s about building a relationship with you, understanding your personal style, and delivering a complete experience for you and your guests. This is the reason we have expanded our services to allow those who are not local to experience the same great tastes in the comfort of their home with the help of our easy-to-follow recipes and tutorial videos. Turn to us for family meals, large events or to even learn a thing or two about working your way around the kitchen. See all of the services we offer below.


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