Welcome to Fat Cat! Sit back,

relax and spoil yourself.


Like every Fat Cat, we believe in the good things in life: Long naps, good meals and a delectable ball of catnip to chase after. That’s right, we think our customers can have it all! So while you may not find catnip on our menu, we do offer up something for everyone. Our hand-tossed pizzas are made fresh to order and baked crisp in our brick oven. All of our menu items are homemade from fresh ingredients, purchased locally whenever possible. Everything from cocktails to croutons are made by hand, right here in our kitchen. Discover the Wix Editor


The Fat Cat Signature Recipe

Making the best pizza in Bloomington means expertly tossing our dough until it’s paper thin, drizzling it with our homemade, garlic tomato sauce and topping it generously with thick slices of creamy, whole-milk mozzarella. In addition to our irresistible pizzas, we serve up seasonal salads made with organic vegetables purchased locally at Adams Farm. What’s more, at Fat Cat we offer daily drink specials and great music, 7 nights a week.


A Slice of History

Fat Cat opened its doors in 1994 and has since become a refuge or home away from home for our regular customers. Families come early for slices of dripping hot pizza, while students stick around and dance or chat late into the night. Once you've sampled the friendly vibe and our famous Fat Cat pies, you'll want to be a "regular" too!